Our Staff

Our staff comprise of a blend of mature, experienced and professionally qualified Nursery Practitioner(s) and Teachers skilled in expertly guiding your child through the wonders of learning whilst playing. The staff are dedicated to treating your child with patience, affection, enthusiasm and understanding. We are committed to employing staff who share our vision and will care for, stimulate and inspire your children. Our staff won’t just have the necessary qualifications, they’ll be part of a team who have the motivation and dedication to ensure that Poppits Childcare is a great experience for you and your children.

Poppits nursery will ensure the stability of care for each and every child attending. Every child will be issued a Key Person within a month of enrolment. A Key Person is responsible for liaising with the child’s carer, informing the carer of activities in which the child has participated. She/he has the responsibility for monitoring each child’s development in the seven areas of learning outcomes. She/he will share each child’s development with their carer on a regular basis and work with them if any child needs any extra assistance in reaching the desirable learning outcomes. She/he will not be with any child every minute of the day as we encourage interaction between all staff and children – but she/he will keep a watchful eye on him/her. Each child’s Key Person’s name will be displayed on the notice board.

All staff are encouraged to regularly attend training courses and where appropriate these are kept up to date e.g First Aid, Health & Hygiene, Safe guarding etc. Regular staff meetings will be held and training is discussed at these meetings. All senior staff have achieved management qualifications.