Poppit's Nursery

  • "Rated Good by OFSTED"
  • "Rated Good by OFSTED"


Here at Poppit's Nursery we are always looking to expand on the remit handed down to us from the Department for Education and Ofsted. To this end we apply ourselves to delivering a well rounded curriculum and extra activities for your children. Below you will find some of the activities that your child could find themselves involved in during their time with us.

French Lessons

Bouncy Castle


See What I Can Do

When toddlers look around through excited eyes, they see a world waiting to be explored and conquered.  This is what we encourage in our 'See What I Can Do' sessions.  This program is specifically aimed through Early Years Foundation Stage  at developing your child's adventurous mind but always in a warm, caring environment with each toddler being in the care of a designated carer.

Children learn through play and our program uses experimental toys and tactile experiences to develop them mentally, socially, emotionally and physically.  Your child will be supported by our trained staff as he or she gains independence in areas such as self-feeding and early language.

Developing each individual child's confidence and skills is paramount to Poppit's Nursery.